Thanks for taking this survey! This is just a real quick poll about Promises in PHP to see what the community opinions are.
Note that this is in the context of asynchronous code (like in ReactPHP). This survey is to help figure out what kind of API developers want in asynchronous, concurrent PHP code.

If you don't like or know about the idea of asynchronous code, that's OK too!
Let us know in the survey.

Read the blog post:
Have you ever heard of Promises? *

What do you think about the idea of Promises in PHP? *

What do you think of coroutines implemented using generators?

Here's the definitive article on PHP coroutines, if you want a good read:

Rate how pleasant the following code using Promises looks to you.

$client = new SuperCoolClient();
$client->doSomething("with this")->then(function() use ($client) {
        return $client->doSomethingElse();
})->then(function() {
        echo "All done!\n";
Now rate how pleasant this coroutine code looks to you.

(This code would behave equivalently to the previous code.)

$client = new SuperCoolClient();
$result = (yield $client->doSomething());
yield $client->doSomethingElse($result);
echo "All done!\n";
Does a standard Promise interface sound like a good idea?

A PSR standard, perhaps?
Other thoughts or opinions?

Thanks for taking this survey! The results are published real-time at the URL below if you are curious.

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